Decorating your house is an exciting experience,
however according to recent research factors such as lighting, or
the colour of your walls, may have more of an impact on your sleep
than you think. 

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In order to drift off into a deep
sleep at night, breast cancer researcher Dr Richard Stevens
suggests using dimmer and 'redder' lights in the evening. This
reinforces our own advice to avoid bright lights before bed time.
They will confuse your body and therefore your natural sleep and
wake cycle.

The colour of your walls is also an
extremely important factor, especially in the bedroom. An NHS
report on lighting states that colours such as red or orange are
likely to increase stress therefore stick to more neutral colours
for your bedroom.

Our own sleep expert, Dr Nerina,
recommends a calm, tranquil bedroom that is free from clutter and
technology in order to get the best night's sleep, so keep that
mobile phone and laptop away. Aromatherapy oils such as lavender
and eucalyptus will create a soothing and comfortable environment.
For more useful tips check out our Sleep Toolkit.