When it comes to getting to bed at night, it's always tempting to keep your
laptop out for just that little bit longer or check your social
media channels just one more time... With all of that blue light
just before bed time, you
might find it difficult to nod off. Many of us spend sleepless
nights counting metaphorical sheep, but have you ever considered an
excursion to the countryside and sleeping with some real sheep to
help your sleeping woes?

Recent studies have shown that if you're having difficulty getting
a good night's rest, sleeping under the stars might be just what
you need. For many of us the idea of camping conjure up flashbacks
of badly pitched tents, and trying to cook soggy bacon in the
British 'summer', but a study from Colorado University suggests
that a few nights in a tent has a positive effect on your sleeping

As a result of our modern environment, our body clocks can be
delayed by up two hours due to us being a lot more active at night
than we have been in the past. By spending a few night under the
stars, and away from those pesky gadgets and artificial light that
can keep you up at night, you can reset your body clock due to the
increased levels of natural light you experience whilst camping.
According to the study, an excursion as short as 2 nights would
still be enough to have a positive impact on your circadian
rhythms, allowing you to fall asleep at a more reasonable hour.

For those of us that aren't that keen on a camping trip in the
current weather, you can get similar results by exposing yourself
to morning light and cutting down on the amount of electrical light
you expose yourself to, especially in the evening, as the blue
light emitted by electrical devices can disrupt your circadian

If you are feeling the urge to experience a few nights in the
great outdoors, then make sure you keep warm and comfortable - and
don't forget your pyjamas! With temperature increasingly lower
throughout February you'll definitely need to stay warm. With this
in mind, maybe it's time to start planning those summer camping
holidays in advance...