Individuals hoping to get a sound night's sleep have been
advised to consider the age of their mattress.

According to the Sleep Council, the average bed will begin to offer lower levels of
comfort to users after seven years, due to the fact it is used on a
daily basis.

Indeed, research carried out by Dr Chris Idzikowski on behalf of
the Sleep Council revealed that on average, people who traded in
their old beds of more than seven years for a new one were able to
achieve an additional 42 minutes of restful sleep every

Meanwhile, a study by researchers Bert Jacobson, Tia Wallace and
Hugh Gemmell of Oklahoma State University showed individuals who
regularly suffer from back problems could see a 63 per cent
improvement in their symptoms simply by trading in their old bed
and mattress for newer

The study showed that 80 per cent of adults will suffer back pain
at some stage in their life and as part of the test they compared
the effect of individuals sleeping on a brand new mattress with one
that was at least five years old.

According to the findings, when people slept on the newer mattress
they registered a reduction in the pain they felt, highlighting the
significant additional support and comfort that can be achieved by
investing in a new mattress on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, relaxation coach Andrew Johnson recently argued Brits
may wish to replace their mattress even sooner in order to boost
their quality of sleep, with four years the recommended timeframe
offered by many bed manufacturers.

He commented: "It is amazing how many times people will change
their shoes, their cars, move house - but they keep the same old

"Really you need to replace your mattress every three or four
years - that is what the mattress manufacturers will tell you, but
I [also] think it is a very good [piece of advice]."

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