The newest sleep phenomenon has hit the news
this week due to its remarkable growth in popularity in

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or more commonly
known ASMR,
is a relaxing euphoric tingling feeling that can come over someone
when they see certain videos or hear certain sounds.

The videos which form ASMR are constructed of simple
yet calming daily tasks such as: folding towels, lighting candles
and gently switching off lights. Combined with whispering or
natural sound effect, the soothing sounds leave you feeling
comfortable and safe, which in turn helps you feel relaxed before
bed which can help overcome

The videos can last up to an hour which allows people
to watch or listen to them as they drift off. The ambient noises
can promote REM sleep which is the most regenerative stage of our
sleep cycle; this allows us to wake up feeling replenished and
alert for the day to come.

If you are still unsure about ASMR maybe you should
give it ago yourself. Simply search for the technique on Youtube
and see if it helps you sleep tonight.