The secret to a great night's sleep

Guest Review: Emma Jesson

ITV weather presenter Emma Jesson is well known for her awards and conference hosting, voice over work and for a being regular face for corporate videos online content. With such a busy lifestyle, sleep is an important activity to stay on top of! Today, we're featuring a review from Emma herself, talking all about her brand new Silentnight mattress.

emma jesson

My friends would not describe me as a diva...

...An analytical, animal-loving 'time-optimist' who tries to cram too much in… yes. But never a diva. However, over the past couple of years, a succession of lumpy, unsupportive mattresses have sent me into a "Princess and the Pea" divaesque spin.

With more tenacity than Honey G, my search for the perfect mattress has been nothing less than fraught - every contender being cast aside quicker than Simon Cowell can reach his X-Factor buzzer.

A good night's sleep became so elusive that I've now classified it in my CV as a 'hobby'.

I have bought and slept on at least four mattresses in the last two years and have became a prolific midnight tweeter, my multiple insomniac tweets in the early hours a testimony to how poorly I was sleeping.

Not great when, as a TV presenter and event host you're working the next day. It's hardly ideal if your eye bags are bigger than the ones you're carrying into work… especially when you're being filmed in close-up as I often am, to provide online video content for company websites. However, as a weather presenter I suppose you just have to take the 'highs' with the 'lows' …(as well as making bad weather gags)

Thankfully though, all that is behind me now, since trying my new Silentnight mattress.

It's simply amazing and I'm so chuffed with it. My new Silentnight mattress has many energy-giving benefits and I'd like to share my journey with you.

I'd forgotten what it's like to have uninterrupted sleep and awake feeling refreshed. To wake up and for all parts of your body to feel rested is truly a gift.

But I don't commend Silentnight for the mattress alone…
All the advice and research that went into researching the perfect mattress and pillows before recommending to me, was unprecedented.

Angela Moran, Project Strategy Director from Silentnight, made multiple consultations with the company physiotherapist before committing to the chosen mattress - not many companies do that!

My journey to find this mattress has been a long one. More than eight years ago, I used to sleep in a single room of my parents' home and that single bed was made by The Blind Society and a dream to sleep on. Looking back, prior to my new mattress, this is the only one which has been comfortable, but when I moved into a bigger bedroom and kingsize bed, I obviously upgraded the mattress.

The start of my sleep troubles.

I have always felt like I needed a soft mattress. Initially I bought one with 3000 springs because I believed there to be better quality in greater numbers - then I changed down to 1000 springs as it seemed softer. My back started to ache with each.

I host several awards ceremonies each month, live on stage or in arenas and this involves standing for many hours at a time - while presenting or working the ballroom, theatre or stadium. I wasn't sure whether or not this was causing various aches, but then I developed problems turning in bed, also couldn't lie on my back, so it was definitely down to the bed.

Memory foam mattresses were too hard and the pillows sometimes too hot. Each mattress in turn would be OK for a while, but then started to sag and feel too hard or lumpy in places and just 'wrong'. I tried toppers of various types, but all followed the same pattern - the enhanced softness would relieve back issues initially, but these would then revert to being as bad as they were before.

Hotel beds were more comfortable than that in my own home, and as such, I even bought one of those - frantically flaying sheets and protectors off the bed to find out the brand - but when the mattress arrived, it felt nothing like the one in the original establishment.

In an attempt to make my old bed comfortable, at one point I ended up with so many layers stacked up on the old mattress, that simply climbing in and out of bed became a truly precarious and perilous undertaking.

Pressure was building. I was chasing round like a veritable tornado trying all sorts of beds and pillows, getting rather hot under the collar. Which isn't good for a weathergirl… we like to keep temperature under control! And this is something that's fantastic about the Getlex collection - the gel infused comfort layer keeps the mattress feeling comfortable whatever the weather. It's breathable and much softer to lie on than it's memory foam counterparts, but just as supportive, if not more so. It virtually hugs you.

My mattress apparently has an open cell structure that allows air to pass through the mattress easily… so hygienic, as well as keeping your temperature regulated under the covers.

In retrospect, I believe the mattresses were actually causing my back problems. I needed the 'proper' support underneath any 'quick-fix' toppers. Upon waking, I would ache around my hips and neck and frequently woke up with numb arms. Then I picked up a rotator cuff injury in my right shoulder and this compounded the sleep issues, especially since I am a side sleeper. I was feeling every lump and bump and the mattresses all started sagging quickly, which meant the support rapidly deteriorated and led to problems turning easily in bed. I have a long body and long legs and so any unevenness in the mattress was placing an uncomfortable torsion on my body. I found this out afterwards.

One of the massive bonuses of the Silentnight Geltex mattress is that it bounces back after every night's sleep and the mattress really doesn't sag at all. Tests show that on average - over seven years - a gel infused comfort layer will suffer just 1% of sagging. I wonder if they do facepacks…

I took all my problems to Silentnight and they addressed every one. They have been fantastic. Silentnight consulted a physiotherapist who did extensive research with me before recommending the Geltex mattress.

Firstly it feels really luxurious from the first moment you sit on it. It's the sort of cloud-like mattress you just want to throw yourself on, starfish style.

The mattress hugs me right the way along my body, supporting me at the waist which I now realize didn't even touch the mattress before. Previously this distorted my body, meaning it was uncomfortable to turn over or change position, hence the aches when I woke up. 

Also, inside the mattress is the zoned Mirapocket spring system which responds independently to each person - these two features make all the difference if you roll around a lot in bed. They allow restless sleepers like me to easily turn with the least amount of effort and disturbance. I always found this to be an issue with memory foam mattresses. My new Silentnight mattress offers truly exceptional, individually tailored support.

In my experience, it's all these elements crafted together which give just the right amount of support. It's no good just putting a topper on top of your old mattress, this Mirapocket system with infused gel and high-end/luxury layers provides the perfect combination of support and softness, meaning superior comfort

Pillows are also really important - especially for a shoulder injury - Silentnight taught me that too and guided me through the potential pitfalls of the wrong pillow. I have to let you into a secret - try Silentnight's Perfect Pillow - three pillows in one - allowing you to create your personal combination on a daily basis - absolute genius!

Even Mammy Jesson has her own 'Perfect Pillow' now, plus a second set as a travel pillow. We know now that wherever we end up, we'll be comfy!

So… I now sleep soundly

...and can lie on both sides as well as wallowing comfortably on my back. Also, when I've been working away or on holiday, I actually look forward to getting home to my bed and super-comfy new mattress. I am so grateful to Silentnight for their thorough care and research - this is what people want, a personalized service - and I've learned so much about my body since collaborating with Silentnight to find the perfect mattress.

I'm no weather vane, but I predict a sunny outlook for the Silentnight Geltex Mattress range!

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