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5 MIN READ | NOV 2021

the best mattress for a back pain

Back pain is one of the most common causes of disruption to sleep, and the effect it has on your sleeping pattern can lead to other problems such as fatigue and low mood.

We have put together our tips on choosing the best mattress to support your back and things you can do to prevent pain during the night to have the best night’s sleep possible.

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Best mattresses for back pain

tips from our expert

can you sleep with an electric blanket on?
Electric blankets should never be left unattended when turned on. But, can you leave an electric blanket on all night? We don't recommend sleeping with an electric blanket on all night and a thermostatic timer should be used, if you choose to leave it on.
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do you put a mattress protector over a mattress topper?
A mattress topper should be layered over the mattress, followed by the protector. This allows the protector to be a barrier between you and the topper, keeping it clean and fresh.
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which is the best mattress for back pain?
The best mattress for back pain is one that keeps your spine aligned and muscles relaxed while you sleep. So how can you find the right one for you?
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what is a Tog rating?
Tog is a measurement of thermal insulation, so the higher the Tog rating the warmer the bedding will feel.
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when should I switch to summer bedding?
Ideally, changing your bedding before the transition into summer will make your life easier when it comes to sleeping in the heat. Once the clocks go forward & the temperature changes, you’ll be kicking off your duvet in what feels like 90 degree heat
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