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how to sleep sustainably

written by Liz Tabron

updated 01.11.2021

Eco comfort bed

If you’re looking for ways to make some small changes in your life that could help make some big changes to our environment, look no further.

Most of us have been trying to become a bit more sustainable and eco-friendly in recent years, and there are some ways you can contribute to saving the planet with your eyes closed (literally).

buy an eco-friendly mattress

The first step to making your bedroom an eco-friendly space is considering what you’re sleeping on. Our range of eco comfort mattresses have all bases covered; the fibres are made from recycled plastic, which means you can rest easy knowing your comfortable night’s sleep won’t cost the planet (or your pocket). They can also be fully recycled at their end of life, so you don’t have to feel guilty about adding to landfill waste. Check out our full eco comfort range.

snuggle under sustainable bedding

It’s not just your mattress that can help you sleep more sustainably – choosing the right bedding can help too. By using eco-friendly bedding, like our Eco Comfort Duvet (which is made from the same fibres as the mattresses so is completely sustainable too), you can enjoy a great night’s sleep under hypoallergenic fabric free from any chemical treatments. Our eco bedding range is also perfect for those sleepers who overheat at night, as the fibres are extra breathable and control moisture.

planet-saving PJs

Now your mattress and bedding are sorted, think about what you wear to bed. If you sleep in pyjamas, there’s another step you could take to sleep more sustainably. Next time you buy some new PJs, do your research and seek out some brands that are eco-friendly and use sustainable fabrics. There are plenty out there (People Tree, Nu-in and Boody to name a few), and although they may have a slightly higher price point, they will likely last longer than other brands and will have been produced with the planet in mind.

bring nature into your bedroom

While you may have heard that plants in your bedroom can help you sleep, they also have a positive impact on the environment too. They purify the air in whichever room they are in, absorbing VOCs (the potentially nasty chemicals in the air in our houses that come from cleaning, building, painting or even cosmetics) and emitting oxygen during the day. By putting a plant in your bedroom – we teamed up with Bloom & Wild on this post to help you decide which plants are best – you are literally ‘going green’ and making the air fresher and cleaner, helping you get a healthier night’s sleep.

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