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which pet bed is best for my dog?

written by Simon Anthony

updated 08.11.2021

Dog on a pet bed

If you’ve got a furry friend in your family, their sleep quality is just as important as the humans’ in the house. They also need much more sleep than us – where we’re recommended to have 8 hours sleep at night, dogs need about twice as much. So choosing the right sleep solution for your pet is vital to making sure they get the best rest possible. 

At Silentnight we know every pet is different, which is why we offer a whole range of pet beds, each with something different to offer. The guide below should help you decide which pet bed will suit your dog best. 

what size pet bed should I get?

Choosing the right size pet bed will ensure they have enough room to sleep comfortably in different positions, so make sure you choose one that gives them room to stretch out, as well as curl up. Our range covers all sizes, with small, medium and large options available. 

Our donut pet beds are a popular choice for small and medium-sized dogs, as the all-round cushioning and raised sides will help to keep smaller dogs comfortable and contained. The donut shape appeals to your pet’s natural nesting instinct to help create a calming environment and reduce anxiety.

For larger dogs, our memory foam pet beds offer ultimate comfort as they offer plenty of cushioning against a hard floor. We use the same technology for the memory foam in our pet beds as we do in our human beds, which means it’s responsive to every paw and moulds to your pet’s shape so they can sink into a cosy hug-like feeling.

which beds are better for older pets?

As your pets grow older, they may start to experience some joint pain or issues. The RSPCA* says ‘Older dogs or dogs with any aches, pains or joint problems might benefit from an orthopaedic or memory foam bed which they can get in and out of easily.’ Our Orthopaedic Pet Bed is the perfect solution, as it’s designed to prevent and alleviate sore joints and pains, by using contoured foam to support weight evenly and reduce pressure points. 

can my pets share a bed?

Like humans, all pets are different. Imagine a pet bed as a single bed for a human - you wouldn’t want another person in a single bed with you, would you? Our pets need their own space, so each pet needs its own bed. This also means you can choose the right bed for each pet based on their size or age. 

our other pet beds

Silentnight Ultrabounce Pet Bed

Filled with fluffy bounceback eco fibres that won't go flat, and a durable soft-touch quilted cover, the Ultrabounce Pet Bed is the perfect pairing for your pooch.

Silentnight Airmax Pet Bed

Our Airmax Pet Bed features a reversible dual season cushion for comfort all year long, and the outer is made from durable fabric to withstand stains, wear and tear.

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