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what is the best mattress for couples?

written by Simon Anthony

updated 01.11.2021

Couple on a king size divan bed - What is the best couple's mattress?

As a couple, shopping for a mattress can be challenging and stressful. We try a dozen mattresses only to find that we have different needs to the one we love and that someone is going to have to compromise. After some debate about which is best, we settle for ‘good enough’, casting ‘perfect’ aside as a pipe dream. If this sounds familiar, or you’ve been asking yourself ‘how do I stop feeling my partner move in bed?’, then your current mattress is not suitable for sharing and we’ve got some useful tips for you.

effects of sleep deprivation on couples

Sleep deprivation not only negatively affects your health, but it can also impact your relationships. It’s common knowledge that lack of sleep can make us irritable and more emotional than usual, so it’s no surprise frequent lack of sleep can lead to relationship troubles.

Sleep deprivation can wreak havoc on many aspects of our lives, including our sex lives. Couples often find that when they're sleep deprived, they have less energy and desire for intimacy. It's no surprise that a lack of sleep can lead to decreased libido. But did you know that the right mattress can help combat these effects? Investing in a good quality mattress can improve sleep quality, increase comfort, and ultimately, reignite the fire in your sex life. So why not prioritise your rest and pleasure by choosing the perfect mattress for both a good night's sleep and great intimacy?

which mattress is the best type for couples?

The best type of mattress for couples will vary between couples and individuals. Depending on your sleeping preference, a memory foam mattress may be the one for you, or you may prefer a mattress that is soft or firm – everyone is different. Ultimately, everyone’s sleeping preferences are different and it’s about finding a mattress that suits both your needs and also promotes proper spinal alignment. If you and your partner have the same preferences, lucky you!

the best mattress for couples with different preferences

Everyone has different needs when it comes to sleep. A mattress for couples means combined body heat, disruptive movements, and limited space. These factors can all contribute to your ability to achieve optimal rest. One person’s comfortable is another person’s sleepless night. At Silentnight, “We do lots of research into comfort because it’s so subjective,” explains Hannah Shore, our sleep expert.

While traditional mattresses have come a long way for couples, sharing one mattress firmness between a couple with different body types isn’t perfect. So, we conducted a study to explore how many different sleep needs were found within couples.

study on bed sharers

According to our study with UCLAN there shouldn't be a one-size-fits-all approach to mattresses. “Contrasting body types need different levels of support to improve overall spinal alignment”. The study goes on to say improved alignment allows your spine’s discs to rehydrate, and muscles to relax throughout the night.

The study found that those with a higher body weight need firmer support. The same is true for taller people, and people with a larger hip circumference. People on the shorter, or lighter side require softer support. Our above research just shows, the perfect mattress for couples is a mattress that provides individual support at the best firmness for each partner.

what is the most common mattress size for couples?

For two adults, it is recommended to choose the biggest bed you can fit in your bedroom with space to move around the sides. It’s important to be comfortable on your mattress, and that often means having the space to move or spread out a little.

A double should be the bare minimum, but the sweet spot is super king. This mattress provides the most spacious sleep which can make it the best mattress for couples. A single mattress measures 90cm wide, while a double measures only half as much again (135cm). A super king, however, gives a full single bed’s width to both of you (180cm).

the best mattress for couples who toss and turn

New technological developments have led to a better sleeping experience for you and your partner. It’s no longer just simple spring units and stuffing, a lot of smart developments now go into making the perfect mattress. In the 1980’s we launched the Miracoil® spring system, specially developed to eliminate ‘roll together’ - an uncomfortable experience you’ll have when sharing a cheap mattress. The old solution was two separate beds, but let’s face it, who wants a gap?

Both our Miracoil® and Mirapocket® spring systems are designed to give extra support in the places we need it most and offer motion isolation to help prevent us from waking up our partners when we’re having a rough night. That’s one great step toward a perfect couple’s mattress.

mattress tips for couples

As mentioned, we know one of the biggest problems couples face when buying a new mattress is that their bodies are different. When choosing a mattress for couples, consider factors such as motion isolation, firmness preference, and edge support. It is understandable that each partner may need a different degree of firmness so communication and comprise will play an important part in finding the perfect mattress that suits both your sleep needs.

This is why we've created SleepUnique - the ideal tool that helps find the best mattress for both of you and also provides you with the right sleep advice and mattress tips. Just fill in a few details about your body and sleep types and you'll be presented with our recommendations within a few seconds.

sleep trials and exchanges

A sleep trial is often a risk-free way to try out the mattress in the comfort of your home. Look out for comfort exchanges aka 'sleep trials’, which usually begin after the mattress is delivered. If you decide within the sleep trial period that the mattress is not right for you, you can typically arrange the return of the mattress in exchange for a different mattress. Read more about our 60 night comfort exchange.

Now, you and your partner can achieve a better night’s sleep with our helpful guide to mattress sharing. Discover your best mattress here.

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