Q : We have just purchased a king size Miracoil tempur mattress
from one of your suppliers. We wonder whether, eventually, the
mattress will 'give' in time as the pain we are suffering in our
hips, ribs & backs is quite bad at present due to the mattress
being of 'medium' stability. I also suffer from arthritis which is
being exacerbated by the hardness of the mattress.


A : Whilst Miracoil is one of our spring systems, Tempur is not
a name used by Silentnight, so it is a little unclear from your
question which mattress you have purchased.Chances are that the
springs and upholstery in yoru old bed were not what they used to
be, so your new bed may seem a little strange at first. Please
allow time for your body to adjust to tyour new bed and for the
fillings to settle, which they will in time.