Q : Replacing our Silentnight mattress is giving us sleepless
nights!. Is there a feature comparison chart for all your
mattresses, including those only available direct, from superstore,
dealer, and on-line only? Which features are better for large and
slight people? Are all your mattresses equally suited to Hippo
andduck sized couples?


A : We are sorry you are finding choosing a new bed such a
traumatic experience. There are many products to choose from and it
can be confusing. We don't however, have a features and benefits
chart will all our mattresses on. Depending on the retailer he or
she will be able to provide you with this information based on the
range they have in store. With on-line retailers this information
is usually available in the full product description.Our best
suggestion to you would be to approach your local bed retailer and
ask them to talk you through the current features and benefits of
our Miracoil and Pocket Spring Systems, and the variety of
Silentnight Beds now in store.Whatever type of sleeper you are,
there's a Silentnight bed for you and there are just three simple
steps to choosing it.Step 1: choose your spring system for maximum
support. The foundation of all our beds is our unique spring
system. Discover the magic of MiracoilMirapocket or pure
Pocket.Step 2: select your comfort and delight layer. We've
developed new materials to suit the needs of different sleeper
types. Find out about our range of comfort options and then choose
the combination that's right for you. eg.Body moulding memory foam
or Innergetic latexStep 3: consider the perfect microclimate. The
top layer of our bed works with your body to create a healthy
sleeping environment. Make sure the sleep range you've chosen has
the right healthy top layer for you.Comfort is very subjective only
you can decided which combination is right for you. Having
narrowered your choice down we recommend that you spend plenty of
time lying on these in your normal sleeping positions. Five or 10
minutes should be the minimum for each bed. Make sure you try the
beds together to make sure that you are both comfortable. You
should both be able to turnon thebed without unduly disturbing each