Q : I've seen the Miracoil 6 1550 in Carpetright but am not sure
what the detailed spec is - the shop said it was pocket sprung but
one of your Q&As says it's continuous. Also, how much memory
foam is it topped with?


A : The Miracoil 6 1550 in Carpetright has a two layer spring
system - Miracoil springs for support and pressure relief, mini
pocket springs for luxurious comfort.We list below further features
of the mattress. You will see that the mattress does not contain
memory foam.1. Two Spring Layers Two layer spring system comprising
750 Miracoil springs for unrivalled support and 800 mini pocket
springs for luxurious comfort.The mini springs are held under
tension in fabric pockets, to give you gentle bounce back for
healthy movement2. Pressure ReliefPressure Relief for a peaceful
night's sleep. Our unique Miracoil® spring system is designed to
spread body weight evenly, so there are no uncomfortable pressure
hotspots and you get an undisturbed night's sleep.3. No roll
together Creates individual sleep zones for less partner
disturbance. Our unique Miracoil® spring system runs from head to
toe, so any movement runs up and down the mattress, not across.
This means that you and your partner have individual sleep zones -
you won't disturb each other and you won't roll together.4. More
Sleep Space Because our unique Miracoil® springs don't wobble,
collapse or bulge, they give you support across the whole surface
of your mattress. This means you can sleep comfortably right to the
edge without rolling off - reclaiming space lost in an ordinary
mattress.5. Hypoallergenic Hypoallergenic with anti-dust mite
properties for a healthy night's sleep6. No Need To Turn This
mattress has been specially designed as single sided, which means
you don't need to turn it over, however, we would always recommend
that you rotate your mattress regularly.