Q : I've recently bought a Silentnight 7 zone foam
It looks ,feels great and comfortable. Hovewer , Im
suffering from the oveheating issue, since the foam keeps the
natural body heat and slowly increasing the temp during the night.
I'm ending up sweating too much and keep waking up at 2am-4am .
I've never experienced any sleep problems with sprung mattress.
After some research over the Internet, I've found that it's very
common problem with a lot of foam mattress. What would you
recommend to protect me from overheating during the night? At the
moment I'm trying to experiment by adding waterproof cover, duvets,
additional bed sheets etc. I would really appreciate any advice to
resolve my issues and continue to enjoy the product.


A : The main reason that foam mattresses can get warm is that
they are designed to put your body as close to the foam as possible
so you get the best levels of support. Foam is a good insulator,
which means the sleep experience can feel a little warmer as it
absorbs your body heat without dispersing it.We would suggest using
a lighter weight duvet and good quality cotton sheets. May sure you
pull back the sheets each morning allowing the mattress to air
before remaking the bed.