Q : I purchased a Silentnight miracoil 3 Hendon Cushion Top 4ft bed from
Argos a few months ago for my son or guests to use when they
visited. Unfortunately, everyone has complained that the mattress
is too hard and uncomfortable and in turn they haven't been able to
sleep. So now my guests prefer to sleep on fold-up beds and the
settee when they stay. To resolve this I will need to buy a softer mattress -
assuming it will be better to keep to the same brand as the bed
base. Which brings me to ask, does Silentnight produce a softer
mattress than my current one for a 4ft bed? If so, is it at all
possible to test one before purchase? Either way I need to get one
as soon as possible.


A : By the very nature of our spring system, our mattress do
tend to have a medium to firm feel rather than soft.We recommend
that you visit one of our high street stockists in order to try
your next mattress before making a purchase.We do produce small double beds they measure 120cm x