Q : I need to replace two Silentnight divan sets which appear to
be no longer available. Could you advise on equivalent current
models.The divan sets being replaced are :- Miracoil Garland K/s
and Royal Ortho Double.


A : These modelshave beendiscontinued and unfortunately do not
have an equivalent in today's range. We have changed many aspects
of bed manufacture in this time and no longer produce this
specification.Our best suggestion to you would be to approach your
local bed retailer and ask them to talk you through the new
Classics Collection. We would recommend the Puccini as a good
replacement for the Royal Ortho. We suggest you try the Ravel as a
suitable replacement for the Garland, but please do not limit
yourself to our recommendations. We have a lot of new fillings
available and we are confident you will find a bed that is both
supportive and comfortable to ensure you get the perfect night's