Q : I have recently seen a miracoil memory mattress in Paul
Simon called the Shiraz,I have tried looking it up online but have
not found it anywhere else.I have also seen on line a mattress
called the memory comfort miracoil 3 can you tell me anything about
this asI cant find it on your webite.


A : The Shiraz is exclusive to Paul Simon, we don't manufacture
that bed for any other retailer. It has a soft knit pillowtop layer
and contains comfortable and breathable eco comfort fibres -
scientifically proven to keep you cooler.The Memory Comfort
mattress is exclusive to our online retailers. As the name suggests
this mattress contains a layer of memory foam approx 25mm thick.
Comfort is very subjective but we believe this mattress has a
slightly firmer feel compared to the Shiraz.The products shown on
our website are those that you would find in your high street at
Independent retailers.