Q : I have had my Gianna mattress for a few months now..and I love it! However, I was given a wooden solid slatted bed, which I don't love now :( It creeks something rotten and I can't help thinking I am not doing my new mattress much justice on this bed frame, so I am looking to buy a new one. What would be best to complement my Gianna mattress? I have been looking at solid slats and sprung slats online and I was wondering what would be best? Also, do the slats have to be a certain width apart etc? Again, what's best for the Gianna? Or should I look at Divan bottoms? Thanks in advance!

A : Platform bases provide a firmer foundation, beds with these bases are generally cheaper than beds with sprung bases. Firm edge bases have a spring system contained within a timber frame, giving the base a medium/firm feel. Sprung edge bases feature a complete spring unit on top of the base giving a softer feel. Considered the most luxurious option, they provide even more support across the whole mattress and act like a giant shock absorber, increasing the mattress’s durability.Generally, the rule is, if your base is firm, choose a softer mattress and if your base is soft, choose a firmer mattress, to achieve a medium feel sleeping comfortIt is worth stating something about the minimum 'grade' of slats on a slatted base.- slats should be smooth, preferably with chamfered edges to prevent cut through to the mattress underside- maximum space between slats should be no more than 100mm- minimum width of slats should be approx. 70mm- the entire length of the mattress should be supported by slats, i.e.. slat ladder length should be same mattress.- slats should be secured to bedstead properly to prevent movement of slats