Q : I am interested in the Vivaldi mattress. Please confirm
whether the top layer is latex or pillowtop, and also the firmness
of the mattress.I am also looking for online equivalents to the
Vivaldi mattress. Is it similar to the Munich, Vibrance or any
other latex mattress?


A : The Vivaldi mattress has a latex top layer. We are unable to
give you a firmness rating as comfort is very subjective. Our
miracoil spring system does provide a medium to firm level of
support.The Vibrance is a very similar mattress in terms of the
latex filling and level of support. However, the design of the
pillowtop layer is different. The Vivaldi has a "mock" pillowtop
whereas the Vibrance has a traditional pillowtop layer. This
difference in styles can be seen in the photography available
online.The Munich, again contains latex, has a "mock" pillowtop
like the Vivaldi but does not have handles, which some people find
usefull when needing to rotate the mattress as recommended.