Q : I am choosing a new divan bed and considering a Silentnight
Miracoil 3 with a memory foam
top layer (we have one of these already). I have visited the Tesco
Direct website and seen a product called a Silentnight Miracoil 3
Zone Sacremento Cushion Top Divan. Can you tell me if the Tesco
product has the same edge to edge mattress springs and anti-roll
together feature as our current mattress? Also, is the cushion top
likely to 'flatten' over time? Would we get better support from the
memory foam top layer.


A : The Tesco mattress has the same miracoil spring unit that
gives edge to edge support, no roll together - no roll off.However,
the cushion top will feel different to memory foam. Due to modern
day fillings being more sumptuous than their predecessors,
settlement within your mattress should be expected and is perfectly
normal. Our mattresses are zoned to complement the human body. As
such, you may obaserve some settlement of the upholstery in the
zoned areas where your body weight is greatest. There is no need
for concern; it demonstrates that the mattress zones are working as
designed, offering optimum support in the zoned areas. Rotating the
mattress from top to tailwill ensurethat settlement from body
pressures is evenly distributed.