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winter bedding guide

written by Liz Tabron

updated 15.11.2023

Cosy bed with layers of fluffy blankets

The cosy season is finally here, so it’s time to prepare our bedrooms with winter essentials. Wondering about the best winter bedding, duvet togs and materials? Grab that warm cup of tea and tuck into this handy winter bedding guide so you can hibernate peacefully during these cold months. 

what type of bedding is best for winter?

The weather may make your teeth shatter… but you can still be cosy and warm within your sheets. That is - if you know how to layer your bed for winter. It’s time to grab your best winter bedding so you can stay warm throughout the chilly night. Join us as we explore all the best winter bedding options.

From winter sheets and toppers to toasty blankets and duvets, these are among the winter bedding essentials you'll need to stay toasty and warm. 

If you want to feel like you're sleeping on a cloud, switch out your summer bed sheets for brushed cotton sheets - the warmest option of all winter bed sheets. We also recommend getting a cosy quilt, wool blankets and multiple layers of blankets if you get particularly chilly. 

Top everything off with a bed cover or throw - perhaps in a style and fabric that suits your bedroom. And if you’re really cold - nothing is better than a cosy electric blanket.

what is the best tog for a winter duvet?

Typically, duvets with a tog rating over 10 are best for winter, but lower ones may be suitable for ‘hot sleepers’ - in other words, people who feel hot when they're in bed and struggle to cool down during the night.

Here’s a breakdown of different tog ratings:

• 1, 3 and 4.5 tog – ideal for summer use as these are the coolest duvets - or for ‘hot sleepers’

• 10.5 and 12.5 tog – best duvet tog for the winter, ideal for the colder seasons as these duvets will keep you warm but not too hot

• 13.5 and 15 tog – ideals for those who need the most insulation from their duvets during the winter

A duvet rolled up on a chair

how many blankets should be on a bed in the winter?

The answer here depends on the person and various other factors. For example; how many layers you’re wearing to bed, the temperature outside and the quality of your winter bedding. 

Most people use one or two blankets on their beds in winter. One will trap the hot air and another will create an extra layer of warmth. More blankets also increase the weight on top of you, which can benefit those who like the feeling of light pressure.

what can I use instead of a duvet in the winter?

While a duvet or quilt will offer you the most warmth, if you find yourself in a situation where you need to replace it, you could use several sheets or blankets and throws to keep yourself warm.

If you have an electric blanket and hot water bottle, we recommend using them if you find yourself without a duvet this winter. And make sure you layer up with your most cosy pyjamas.

And do you share your bed with someone? If so, it will be warmer under the sheets. That means that fur babies are also encouraged to join you this winter. But perhaps you’d rather keep them in their pet beds.

should I get an electric blanket?

During the colder months, an electric blanket is a popular addition to houses across the UK because it provides that extra level of warmth that you can't get with an ordinary blanket. An electric blanket should be positioned on top of your mattress and under your sheet, and secured at the corners when fastening straps are provided. 

At Silentnight, we have a range of electric blankets to suit your sleep preferences, available in fleece and luxury options designed for couples or solo sleep. With a variety of control options to suit your desired temperature range.

Woman asleep in bed with an electric blanket control next to her

how can I make my bedroom warmer in the winter?

Turning on the heating is the quickest and most efficient way to make your bedroom warmer in the winter - but it can be costly. In order to keep things as warm as possible, keep the door closed and use seal drafts. Make sure your windows are closed and insulated with blinds or curtains and add rugs if you’ve got wooden or laminated floors. 

final tips for the best winter bedding

  • Switch from summer sheets to brushed cotton – a great warm option for winter bed sheets

  • Opt for a duvet with a tog rating over 10 for the ultimate snug bed (as long as you’re not a really hot sleeper – a lighter tog would be better in this instance)

  • Layer with extra blankets and sheets to trap the heat

  • Get an electric blanket for that extra warmth

  • Keep your bedroom warm with insulation and/or heating

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