Anti-Allergy Beds and Mattresses from Silentnight

What is Purotex?

Purotex is an active probiotic applied to the fabric which is Fully approved by Allergy UK.It is a 100% natural solution which releases friendly bacteria while you sleep and is clinically proven to eliminate dust mites which are known to trigger asthma attacks. 

How does Purotex work?

As we sleep our bodies generate moisture that can encourage dust mites.

The Purotex probitoics are held inside millions of tiny capsules woven into the fabric that we use on our mattresses. When you get into bed, the friction created by your body on the mattress causes a small number of the micro-capsules to break open and release the probiotics.

Once released these friendly bacteria multiply, taking up all the available moisture in the mattress, leaving nothing for the dust mites to live on, so they naturally die out. 


What are house dust mites?

House dust mites are tiny creatures measuring no more than a quarter of a millimetre long. They're invisible to the naked eye and largely harmless, but their droppings can be an allergen particularly associated with asthma, eczema and allergic rhinitis.

Unfortunately for allergy sufferers, house dust mites thrive in bedrooms. The heat and moisture that our bodies emit during the night, along with the dead skin cells that we routinely shed, can encourage large populations of dust mites to thrive in the fabrics of your bedding