A bedroom routine is vital for young children as it will help
them to settle.

Because of this, sleep therapist at mill-pond.co.uk Juliet Newson
recommends parents do everything possible to keep the system

Mums and dads should be consistent in returning little ones to
their beds if they wake up during the
night, she added.

"A rapid return to bed, as soon as possible, offering reassurance
and getting them to sleep without rewarding that behaviour in any
way [is advised]," Ms Newson observed.

However, mothers and fathers have to work out whether their kids
are attention seeking or have a genuine reason for being out of
their bed.

If the former is the case, then Ms Newsom - who works at Millpond
Children's Sleep Clinic, the only
centre in the UK to help school-aged children - recommends staying
with a youngster until they nod off again and then leaving

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