Young children need to have a regular routine in place in
order to ensure they are receiving the proper amount of sleep to be
happy and healthy, it has been claimed.

Child psychologist Emma Kenny argued very young children need an average
of 12 hours of sleep per night and helping them to develop a
standard bedtime routine is an excellent method for ensuring they
go to bed relaxed and ready to

She commented: "Routine is everything - a nice, 30-minute bedtime
routine where you don't have any interaction with fibre activity or
television. Don't just plonk a child in front of a television -
it's terrible for their sleep.

"Make sure you read stories, sing songs and have nice bath times -
anything that says to the child 'we are relaxing'."

Ms Kenny added that unwinding with the kids can be one of the
most pleasurable activities in a parent's day and therefore they
should make the most of these opportunities to bond with their
children and ensure they are happy and content, as this too will
promote restful sleep.

Resistance to entering into a routine is not uncommon, but this
can be compounded if parents are too pushy. Instead, they should
focus making the bedtime routine a pleasurable experience that
their children will look forward to each night.

In this way, parents can ensure their child is getting the right
amount of restful sleep with minimal fuss.

Earlier this month, the Chicago Tribune reported that research
carried out at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of
Medicine by senior clinician educator Dr Kenneth Fox has shown the
importance of babies having a regular sleep pattern for their
proper development.

Dr Fox's findings highlighted how implementing a regular routine
for children aged six to eight months old can help ensure they are
quickly sleeping right through the night - ensuring mum and dad are
able to get a more restful night's sleep also.

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