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Hospitality bed buying guide

The bed is by far the most significant element of a good night’s rest in a hotel. It is near impossible to get a deep, effective sleep on an old, uncomfortable bed. Mattresses lacking comfort, space and support are likely to leave us waking tired and achy and possibly grumpy for most of the day.

It may be that your guests are already letting you know.

Is it time to replace the beds in your rooms?

The age of the bed is one of the first things to consider, we recommend replacement every 5 to 7 years or when cleanliness dictates so. The ability of a mattress to provide support can be greatly affected by what supports the mattress. If you think that the mattress is in fairly good condition but is lacking support, consider checking the bed base. A damaged or worn out base can affect a mattress’s comfort, support, and shape. Another reason to replace the mattress is if there is a visible and noticeable sag. Sagging can occur as springs break down and lose resilience and impressions occur as the fibres compress over a period of time.


Your guests’ comfort and their sleep experience is vital in achieving the highest satisfaction levels. Ultimately it is a comfortable bed that provides this experience, allowing guests not only to enjoy a restful night’s sleep, but to recommend your hotel to others and to come back time and time again.


Ensure that you comply with fire safety regulations and specify a bed that meets the BS 7177 Medium Hazard (Source 5) Fire Retardancy Standards for hotel beds. All of our beds comply with the appropriate fire regulations, and are tested in our state of the art, SATRA approved laboratory.


Silentnight Group Hospitality beds come with seasonal turning labels to assist housekeeping. They indicate when to turn and rotate mattresses to ensure even wear and maximise the life of the mattress. Our delivery and installation service is also completely flexible to work around you and your requirements.


With hotel beds being used day in and day out, you can be confident that we offer supreme quality whilst being robust enough to withstand the demands of the hotel industry. We test all of our products and our raw materials in independently accredited, SATRA approved laboratory to ensure our products are of the best quality.


Our beds are treated with SmartShield, which is a skin-safe treatments that kills off bed bugs and dust mites, ensuring an allergen free sleeping environment.


As hotels accommodate lots of different people every night, you need a bed that is guaranteed to last. All of the components in our hospitality mattresses are combined for the ultimate durability, and come with a 5 year guarantee, for added peace of mind.


It’s more important than ever before to choose a supplier who cares about the environment. Silentnight Group Hospitality put the environment front of mind in everything we do and think of our planet every step of the way. We are a carbon neutral + business, with sustainable product choices for the hospitality sector and we offer recycling services for your old mattress too.

Silentnight Group Hospitality offer a no-obligation bed site visits and audit to help you understand the quality of your current sleep solutions and ensure the best advice is offered to meet your exacting requirements. For more information, contact the team today.