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spring-summer 2021 interior trends - gardens of babylon

written by Naomi Pollard

updated 24.03.2021

gardens of babylon colour scheme

In this series, we’ve teamed up with the Head of Home and Interiors at Trend Bible, Naomi Pollard to explore the 4 top trends of Spring/Summer 2021. Trends and moodboards are a great place to start if you’re decorating a new home, giving your bedroom a fresh lick of paint or just updating your accessories and need some inspiration. Explore ‘Gardens of Babylon’ with Naomi below...

an introduction to the trend

The Middle East as an emerging design and cultural hotspot provides rich inspiration for this trend. The combination of the region’s dry arid landscapes, maximalist aesthetics and a new wave feminist movement creates an interesting dynamic for change and is inspiring designers all over the world.

Against the context of these increasingly arid landscapes, we see lush greenery and florals become key motifs for homeowners seeking to replicate the feeling of abundance through heavily patterned and ornate wallpapers, textiles and product design. A maximalist approach continues to gain appeal with some consumers who are becoming bored of the minimalist style which has dominated interior aesthetics over the past decade.

inspiration and colour palette

This high summer story combines rich jewel tones with an array of lush greens and juicy hues. This palette is all about layering of colour, mixing multiple tones of the same or similar shades together, so don’t be afraid to pick several colours in the same family rather than sticking to a single hue. Greens, in particular are a key shade for 2021, bringing with them a freshness and vibrancy and connotations of new growth.

Pattern is key here so think about scaling up the wallpaper behind your headboard and go to town with characterful accessories, lamps and textiles.

Naomi Pollard, Head of Home and Interiors at Trend Bible.

Silentnight product pick

Start with our pastel lilac divan as a starter for this trend, and accessorise your bedroom space with some of the maximalist colours from the palette in busy wallpaper, wall colours or patterned cushions.

For more insight on upcoming trends, check out Trend Bible’s services here: https://www.trendbible.com/

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