It happens twice every year but somehow we still
manage to become confused by the changing of the clocks. But not to
worry, we've got a guide to make the prospect of an hour LESS in bed that bit easier as the
clocks go forward.

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Although we lose a little time in bed, putting our
clocks forward marks the start of spring. This mean we will be able
to leave work whilst it is still light.

Luckily this year it falls on the Sunday before a
bank holiday, so we can thank Easter Monday for hopefully not
actually losing 60 minutes in bed.

We swap to British Summer Time on Sunday March 27 at
1am, this is when we should put our clocks forward one hour. If
you're up to date with the latest tech then your mobile phone, TV,
radio-controlled clocks and maybe even your oven, will do this

So why does all this back and forward clock turning
happen? We can thank
George Vincent Hudson
for that, a New
Zealand entomologist, who in 1895 decided to get up earlier to have
more day light hours after work.

We hope you're feeling ready for the time change now,
but if you're still feeling unsure about your sleep, then check out
our Sleep Toolkit