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Healthy Sleep

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couple’s sleep advice - how you & your partner can get a blissful night’s sleep

written by Liz Tabron

updated 11.02.2022

Mature couple hugging in bed - Sleep advice for couples.

One of you is a night owl and likes a cool bedroom, while the other is an early bird and prefers a warmer space - all sound too familiar? Well, it may come as no surprise, but these are some common challenges that couples face when trying to get a good night’s sleep, not to mention disruptive movements, combined body heat and snoring. However, it really is possible for you and your partner to get a restful night’s sleep - read on to find out more.

temperature differences

A bedroom that’s a cooler 19C is your best chance for optimal sleep as our body temperature needs to drop for us to fall asleep. But, if you prefer to sleep on the cool side and your partner likes it warm and toasty, the best thing that you can do to make sure you’re both happy and comfortable is to opt for a dual tog duvet. The Silentnight Yours&Mine dual tog duvet features a unique design, incorporating one half to keep you cool, while the other half will keep you warm and snuggly - a win-win for the both of you! 

ditch the screen before bed

Your bedroom should be a space for rest, quiet and relaxation to help you drift off into a peaceful slumber, and it needs to be dark, cool and quiet as possible to promote sleep. To induce sleepiness, your body needs to produce melatonin and being in a fully lit room before going to bed leads to delayed and shortened production of this hormone. Furthermore, exposure to electronic devices, such as mobile phones and laptops, is associated with increased sleep issues and poor quality sleep. So, to ensure you both get some good quality shut-eye, make sure to avoid screen time before heading up to bed and do something relaxing instead.

some more advice for getting quality sleep together as a couple

sleep schedules

It’s rare for people to have the same sleep habits, so if you prefer to go to bed early and your partner likes to stay up late watching TV, it pays to be respectful of each other’s habits. For example, try to be as quiet as possible when going to bed later than your partner to avoid waking them. Always go to bed when you are tired, don’t fall asleep on the sofa waiting for your partner. 

having enough space

If you’re someone who likes to sprawl out in bed, which can leave your partner feeling a little disgruntled, not to mention uncomfortable, you may want to consider getting a bigger bed. A double gives two people the same amount of space each as a child’s cot, while a king size bed gives you extra space in both length and width - ideal for those who could do with some extra leg room.

cuddle before sleep

Not everyone enjoys cuddling, but it can actually lead to improved sleep¹ and well-being, so try to set enough time aside to cuddle before both of you are ready to go to sleep.

pre-sleep rituals

Get in the mood for sleep by having a pre-bedtime ritual. This could include reading, meditating or listening to soothing music, all of which help to promote a sense of calm and relaxation for a comfortable and restful sleep. 

¹ Source: Journal Regulatory Peptides - Ellison - 2003

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