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spring-summer 2021 interior trends - urban retreat

written by Naomi Pollard

updated 24.03.2021

urban retreat colour scheme

In this series, we’ve teamed up with the Head of Home and Interiors at Trend Bible, Naomi Pollard to explore the 4 top trends of Spring/Summer 2021. Trends and moodboards are a great place to start if you’re decorating a new home, giving your bedroom a fresh lick of paint or just updating your accessories and need some inspiration. Explore ‘Urban Retreat’ with Naomi below...

an introduction to the trend

As urbanisation continues across the globe, the role of cities and our place within them is being rethought. This summer story is driven by a desire to create homes that promote a better way of living in bustling urban epicentres. Households prioritise décor, materials and products that create healthy environments where they can relax and take breaks from busy city life.

Growing numbers of householders will seek vegan alternatives for home product in years to come and the most directional brands are already developing animal-free products and experiences.

inspiration and colour palette

A pared back palette of warm neutrals and earthy tones work beautifully alongside grey upholstery, giving a nod to the slightly warmer styles that are emerging in design. A pop of cool green complements clay and brick red shades, bringing the while scheme to life.

This particular look plays with contrast, juxtaposing rough and raw textures with polished and refined shapes. Texture is incredibly important to enhance this simple story so add linens, wicker, sisal and stone through accessories. The sculptural house plant trend not only acts as a reminder of the natural world, but also purifies the air. Varieties like Sansevieria (Snake Plant) and Agave are perfect and low maintenance.

Naomi Pollard, Head of Home and Interiors at Trend Bible.

Silentnight product pick

Our Eco Comfort Breathe 2000 Divan Set ticks all the boxes for this trend. Made with fibres that are made up of recycled plastic bottles, the mattress helps create a healthy sleeping space. Our Sterling fabric colour choice is a perfect base for the trend’s colour palette too.

For more insight on upcoming trends, check out Trend Bible’s services here: https://www.trendbible.com/

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