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tips for a minimalist bedroom

written by Simon Anthony

updated 07.10.2021

Soft minimalist bedroom

We all know the saying ‘tidy house, tidy mind’, right? Well the same applies to your bedroom – the cleaner, calmer and fresher your bedroom feels, the better you will feel too. Whether you’re looking to give your bedroom a complete minimalist makeover, or just want to bring some Marie Kondo magic into your room, we’ve pulled together some top tips to help you create a minimal sleep sanctuary. 


This first step is the most important to achieving a minimalist style. In true Marie Kondo fashion – if it doesn’t spark joy or if it’s taking up too much valuable space, get rid. Either have a full-scale clear out and donate your old clothes and items to your local charity shop, or find another place to store them that’s not your bedroom. In a minimal bedroom, there’s no room for clutter.

utilise hidden storage

Once you know what you can’t live without in your bedroom, think about how you’ll store what you need. There are lots of clever storage options out there, particularly helpful if you’re living in a smaller space or apartment. Our storage divans, for example, offer lots of different options to utilise the otherwise wasted space under your bed, from 2 and 4 drawer options to full ottoman styles - the perfect place to store bedding or seasonal clothes. 

choose a cool colour palette

The minimal trend is all about cool colours – this doesn’t always mean light colours, cooler tones of your favourite colours will work too. Colours like blue, green and neutrals work really well in minimal spaces, and help a room feel airy, fresh and clean. To add a second dimension, play around with different textures and patterns within the space - going minimal doesn’t mean you have to avoid pattern altogether. 

attention to detail

When you’re thinking about styling your bedroom, you probably think of the big furniture items first, but make sure you consider the smaller details too. Things like electric cables and laundry baskets can disrupt the minimal feel – no-one wants a clean, crisp bedroom with phone charger and lamp wires everywhere and bulky laundry baskets taking up too much space. Make a list of everything you think is absolutely necessary to have in your bedroom, and think carefully about how it all ties together in your new minimal sleep space. 

don’t forget your personal touches

Minimal bedrooms don’t have to lack personality. Be sure to think about personal touches you can add into the space to keep it feeling homely and comforting. Choose a print or piece of artwork to display on your wall, include a couple of your favourite photos on a curated picture shelf or display some of your favourite perfumes on your dressing table. 

By following these simple steps, you’ll be on your way to creating the ultimate minimalist bedroom, free of clutter and ready for relaxation and a great night’s sleep. If you think a more maximal bedroom might be more to your taste, we’ve rounded up our tips for that too in these tips for a maximalist bedroom.

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