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what is Splitit and how does it work?

Looking for beds on finance? Use your existing credit card with Splitit to play over time, keeping payments low and manageable on your terms.

all you need to do is...

  • Add items to your basket and go to the checkout

  • Choose Splitit as your payment method and select your payment plan

  • Fill in your payment card details

  • And that's it. No credit checks, no interest, no fees. Hassle free.

as simple as that. sleep now and pay later on terms that suit your needs

Now you know how it works, why not take a look at our mattresses?

splitit faqs

Splitit is an instant payment solution that enables you to pay for your new bed with an existing credit card and split the cost into small interest-free monthly payments, without any additional credit checks or fees.

You choose how many months you want to split the payments. At the time of purchase, you will only be charged for your first monthly payment. Read more here

Since Splitit works using your existing credit card limit, there are no applications or credit checks when purchasing with Splitit.

Splitit is supported by Visa and Mastercard credit cards only, not debit cards.

Each month, your credit card statement displays the instalment charge amount for that month. You will also see the authorisation/hold for the outstanding amount dropping by one instalment every month. Read more here

Yes, you can. This option is available on your Splitit online account or you can contact our customer care at support@splitit.com.

If you pay with a Splitit instalment plan there is no impact on your credit score. The bank simply sees the individual instalment charges each month. Read more here

You can contact Splitit by phone on 0800 086 9112 or via email at support@spiltit.com

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