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Stylish storage

No matter what size your bedroom is, you can never have enough storage. We have a wide-range of stylish and space-saving storage beds which offer different storage solutions so there is sure to be something to suit your needs. Our storage beds offer fantastic space-saving storage that is easily accessible, even when the bed is made.

Drawer storage


There are a number of drawer options in the Silentnight range:

2 drawers

This option features two large drawers on either side of the foot of the bed. This is especially good for access in a smaller bedroom where there might not be room to open side drawers.

2 drawers with mini drawers

Mini drawers (also known as continental drawers) are great when you have bedside tables or fitted furniture. It means you can use all the available storage space in your bed base if you haven't room to open a full size drawer.

4 drawers

Two full size storage drawers down each side of the bed provide you with maximum available storage space.

Ottoman storage


Our ottoman base is light and easy to use. The ottoman opens from the foot of the bed and provides a fantastic solution for increasing valuable storage space in your home without taking up any additional space in your bedroom. You can opt for a full ottoman, a half ottoman or a combination of half ottoman and drawers. So many combinations to help you make the most of your space.

Half Ottoman

The half ottoman is a great storage option if access space at the head end of the bed is limited as you can access it fully from the foot end of the bed.

Half Ottoman with mini (continental) drawers

With the half ottoman in the foot end of the bed, you can add mini drawers (also known as continental drawers) to the head end which is great when you have bedside tables or fitted furniture which mean that you don't have the space for a full size drawer.

Half Ottoman with 2 drawers

The combination of a half ottoman in the foot end of the bed and two full size drawers at the head end, offers you a flexible storage solution and delivers over 50% more storage space than a standard four drawer base.

Full Ottoman

The full ottoman is the ultimate in maximising your under bed storage space. It opens from the foot end of the bed and is lightweight and easy to lift. Once the full ottoman is open, you can fully access the generous storage space all the way around the bed.

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