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mattress protectors

Keep your mattress good-as-new for longer with our mattress protectors. They're easy to clean, and stay put through the night.

Our collection of luxury bedding is a great step toward a great night's sleep all year round. From summer bedding featuring anti-allergy bedding for those hayfever sufferers and Airmax technology to keep you cool, to winter bedding including electric blankets. Explore an array of designs from simple and subtle white bedding to more statement floral bedding, all available in a selection of sizes from king-size and super-king bedding to single bedding and must-have double bedding sets. Switch up your bedroom aesthetics and boost your night's sleep with new bedding from Silentnight.

How often should you wash your bedding?

Bedding should ideally be washed on average every 2 weeks to keep it clean and refreshed. However, for those who suffer from night sweats or allergies, you should consider washing your bedding more frequently.

How to wash bedding

Follow the instructions on the care label of your bedding before washing, this will specify if that type of bedding can be machine washed and at what temperature.

How to store bedding

Bedding is best stored in dry place away from moisture and dust. Divan beds offer extra storage for spare pillows and duvets. For long term storage you can vaccum pack your bedding to keep your bedding fresh and compact.