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gender pay gap report

Gender pay gap report for 2023/24


Founded in 1942, Silentnight is a well-recognised and trusted UK bed manufacturer based in Lancashire, employing over 800 employees. We know that the continued success of our business is down to our people, who are at the heart of our business. Through education and development, we’re committed to creating an inclusive and diverse workforce with access to equal opportunity. Creating an environment where every employee can be themselves, access opportunities to succeed and perform at their best. We recognise that the continual evolvement of a diverse workforce ensures that we remain the UK’s Most Trusted Sleep Brand - with quality, service, sustainability, and innovation at the forefront of everything we do. At Silentnight, we believe pay equity is essential, and we welcome the governing legislation to create greater transparency on gender pay. We have prepared our gender pay gap report to comply with the Gender Pay Reporting Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017. The information has been calculated per the Regulation and is legally compliant. The gender pay gap is the difference between the average pay of men and women, expressed as a percentage. The gap is calculated across the entire workforce of an organisation. This involves carrying out six calculations that show the difference between the average earnings of men and women in our group and does not involve publishing individual employee data.

Mean gender pay gap

Based on the mean (average) hourly rate of pay for male and female employees in the relevant pay period, our mean gender pay gap is -3.5 %.

Median gender pay gap

Based on the median (middle) hourly rate of pay for male and female employees in the relevant pay period, our median gender pay gap is -1.7%. Aligned pay structures ensure that we have equal pay for equal work at all levels of the organisation. We consider the main reasons or contributory causes for the slight gender pay gap is the proportion of females in higher paid roles. We have and will continue to address this with the increased number of appointments of females into executive and senior positions within the business, along with the ongoing development of females within the business to enable their progression into more senior positions.

Gender bonus gap

No bonuses were paid out in the year in review.

Salary pay quartiles

The following table separates our entire workforce into four equal quartiles based on the salaries paid to these employees. These quartiles are then further broken down into the number and proportion, expressed as a percentage, of male and female employees in each quartile.

LowerLower middleUpper middleUpper

With a headcount split of 74.1 male/25.9 % female, our split across the quartiles is broadly in line with the number of women in the workforce, indicating that women are represented, have equal opportunities and receive equal pay across all areas of our business.

Action plan to address gender pay disparity

As part of our diversity, equity and inclusion strategy, we are committed to reducing and subsequently closing any identified gender pay disparity. The overall progress of our actions will be reported in subsequent gender pay gap reports.

Confirmatory statement

I confirm that the information set out in this gender pay gap report is accurate and calculated in accordance with the Regulations as of the snapshot date of 5th April 2023.

Tracey Bamber

Chief Executive Officer


Please direct any queries relating to this gender pay gap report to the People Team, by contacting peopleteam@silentnight.co.uk.