Shocked woman

How long do we actually spend in bed?

We spend over a third of our lives asleep - that's the
equivalent to about 27 years of snoozing! And that's not all we use
our beds for - from lazy Sundays watching our favourite Netflix
series, to a bit of breakfast in bed indulgence- we actually spend
more time under the duvets than you think.

So it's little surprise that after years of use there are going
to be a few surprises hidden within your mattresses' fibres.

ITV presenter, Alice Beer, recently did an expose on This
Morning to find out exactly how dirty our mattresses get - and what
she found is pretty shocking…

What did they find?

Using a vacuum with incredibly high suction, the This Morning
team extracted liquid from a 3-year-old mattress and an older
12-year-old mattress.

The result? A murky solution that contains all-sorts of grubby
elements, such as dead skin, sweat, bits of food, bacteria and
creepy dust mites too. The worst bit is, most of us sleep on all
this nastiness on a daily basis!

How to keep your mattress clean

Front mattress

1 in 10 of us wait an entire month to wash our bed sheets, which
isn't going to do much to keep your mattress fresh and clean.

Instead, we advise that you:

  • Wash your sheets on a hot temperature regularly

  • Open the windows to air out the mattress and reduce

  • Vacuum your bed regularly using a bed and sofa vacuum

The Silentnight HEPA bed and sofa vacuumwill help give your
mattress a good and proper clean.

It's fitted with a powerful UV light and HEPA filter that kills
mites and combats pesky allergens, which is good news for allergy
sufferers too.

The built-in deep vibration plate will also really get into the
nooks and crannies of your bed which, when used regularly, will
really keep your mattress in top condition.

the Silentnight HEPA bed and sofa vacuum