A recent study by Oxford Economics and the
National Centre for Social Research has found that a healthy amount
of sleep has a far bigger impact on wellbeing than having a healthy
pay rise. The saying 'you can't buy happiness' gets thrown around a
lot but there is finally a study that supports this.

The research found that the average Brit has a 'living well
score' of 62.2 out of 100, with the happiest 20% of the population
falling between scores of 72 and 92. The study surprisingly did not
find that the happy chaps of Britain were made so by salary
increases or high income, but more so the amount of sleep they got
on a night. A salary increase of up to 50% could only account for
half a point increase in 'living well score', while good quality of
sleep could account for 3.8 points of someone's happiness - a
considerable amount more.

Closely following sleep as a happiness booster were satisfaction
with sex lives, job security and a sense of community, all things
which can help you rest easier at night. Residents in the east of
England claim to be the least rested in the country, with only 22%
feeling satisfied with their sleep. On the other end of the
spectrum, the south west had the best sleep, with 29% claiming they
feel well rested.

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