Potty training is a constant battle
for parents. From bed wetting to smelly accidents, we would say it
has to be one of the more laborious tasks of

One lady, Amanda Jenner, has offered her services in
the press this week, claiming that she will potty train your child
in just five days - for a hefty £2,000. 

But how does this crazy business work? You let the
potty training guru move into your house for five nights, she
sprinkles her magic and now your child is potty trained! This seems
a wee bit simple (excuse the pun). 

She seems to be doing well, however: reports suggest
that her waiting list is almost a year long!

The massive fee includes a box of toilet training
items and Amanda's undivided attention (we would hope so, at that

So we took to our Twitter and Facebook community to
ask them what they really thought of this…

80% were completely against it: "seriously, is this a

20% were keen - if they had the money!

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traumas, join in the conversation with us on our Facebook and Twitter