Women can suffer from obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) as well
as men.

Traditionally associated with males, a new study published in the
European Respiratory Journal suggests that hypertension and/or
obesity can leave females susceptible to the condition.

Researchers analysed the sleeping habits of around 400 women aged
between 20 and 70 and found that in 50 per cent of cases, OSA was

This increased to 80 per cent for ladies with hypertension and 84
per cent for obese females.

Lead author Professor Karl Franklin said the high occurrence of
sleep apnoea in women is surprising.

"These findings suggest that clinicians should be particularly
aware of the association between sleep apnoea and obesity and
hypertension in order to identify patients who could also be
suffering from the sleeping disorder," Professor Franklin

People who suffer with OSA will find it difficult to get a good
night's rest and so may want to get in contact with their doctor to
find out what their options are.

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