Question: We've just purchased a miracol 3 king pillow top
mattress from very wich was delivered yesterday straight
from manufacturers.there is an odour coming from pillow top side of
mattress ( like a stale damp smell ) is this normal and will it
eventually disappear or is there a problem with mattress can you
please advise

Answer: Some residual odour may be apparent on removing
your new foam mattress from its packaging. A mattress is packaged
in airtight polythene immediately after it is manufactured to
ensure that it is sterile, dry and clean for the consumer. This has
pros and cons. On the upside you know that no one has had dirty,
sweaty hands on the place you plan to sleep. Unfortunately it also
means that the smell from the treatments used on the fabrics
is not able to escape leaving the mattress with that toxic "new
mattress" smell.  This is quite normal and not a cause for

Please give the mattress time to air by leaving it uncovered in
a well ventilated room for several hours before use.  Pulling
back the bed sheets daily and continuing to allow the mattress to
air will eliminate the smell.  If you still have a problem
after 10 days please do come back to us.