No two people are the same. We all have
different needs and requirements, especially when it comes to
sleep. Not everyone likes routine but according to a recent study
from vitamin manufacturers, Forza Supplements, we can all benefit
from it. The results found that if you work a 9-5 job, living
strictly by the clock is the best way to ensure a healthy


For the average person, bedtime should be early. 10.10pm gives
you 20 minutes to nod off then allows you to reach your most
restorative sleep by midnight.


Is the best time to wake up. If you managed to
get your head down at 10.10pm you should have had the recommended
seven to nine hours sleep.


Think about doing some exercise. This will
release serotonin, giving you a boost of happiness to start the
day. Also, if you struggle to eat breakfast this may help you get
through the most important meal of the day.


Eat some breakfast. Ideally, 30 minutes after
waking as this will give you the vital nutrition for a successful


By this time you will be fully awake and ready
for the day. There's nothing worse than not feeling at your best
when you need your initiative most.


Eat some lunch. Even if you don't get long take
a break, try and relax. Three-quarters of those surveyed found they
benefited from a midday meal.


It's time for dinner, and some time to unwind.
This is the best time to have an alcoholic drink because your body
needs at least four hours to recover before sleep.


Before you know it, it's bedtime

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