In today's crazy, frenetic world
it's so hard to stop and relax and we owe it to ourselves to be
able to lie down at the end of the day and surrender to deep,
restorative sleep. More than ever, we really need

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So, you can imagine my frustration
when I recently went through a spell of insomnia.  Yes I know
I'm a sleep expert and as such, I should sleep beautifully every
night, shouldn't I?  Well, actually it doesn't work like that
and I am very open about the fact that I once had huge sleep
problems. In fact, my mother took me to various doctors when I was
only six months old because I wouldn't sleep. My challenges with
insomnia continued into my early 30's when I became ill and from
then on I started learning how to sleep well.  And this gave
birth to my work.  

bed dr nerina

But recently several challenging
life events hit at the same time and sent me right back to those
days of lying in bed tossing and turning, unable to sleep and
feeling as though I was the only person awake and fretting at 2am.
I am pleased to say that the spell was short-lived and has
passed.  I now get into bed gratefully and I make a point of
using two words as I reach over to turn out my bedside light. 
These words are 'Thank you'.  

Who or what am I saying thank you
to?  Well I believe (and studies support this belief) that
cultivating gratitude is one of the most powerful antidotes to
stress and it acts as a great soporific aid. Being grateful for all
that has happened in your day - the good and the not so good. All
serve their purpose in life and when we stop noticing all of the
small blessings that fill our day (a nice cup of tea, a loving text
message, the white transit van that gives way, getting a seat on
the train, a hot, rejuvenating shower) we can become consumed by
stress and negativity.   

I'm also thanking my bed ☺

OK, I'm aware that might sound daft
but I've recently realised how important my bed is to me. I've
moved house twice in the past 8 weeks. I've given up my beloved
super king size comfy Silentnight bed which wouldn't have fit into
my new bedroom. I didn't realise the impact it would have on my
sleep. For six weeks I slept on a luxurious (but not right for
me!!!) bed in a nice rented house while I waited for my new home to
be refurbished. This marked the period of my intermittent
insomnia.  Hard as I tried, I couldn't get comfortable in that
bed. Tossing and turning all night.  One minute too hot, the
next too cold.  My body ached during the night and I took to
keeping my yoga mat rolled out beside my bed so that I could
stretch as soon as I got out of bed - I was that stiff!  I
used my own mattress protector, my favourite duvet and linen,
aromatherapy oils and candles. But to no avail… This was not the
place that my body and mind wanted to rest on. 

Finally...the builders have left
and, in more ways than one, the dust is settling… Finally…I can
rest.   First night in my new Silentnight Geltex 1850 bed
(which fits my new cosy room perfectly) and I slept like a baby
(one that sleeps well, that is). The mattress supported and held
me. I was neither too hot nor too cold, just right.  The
tightness in my back has eased, muscles are letting go and
relaxing. For the first time in months I feel that something's
truly got my back.  

And that feels good.

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Geltex range here -

By Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan, Silentnight
sleep expert