Question: Electric Blanket Silentnight.I have 2 blankets
defective and I want to get control leads as the control units are
no longer working and blankets cannot heat.It is curious that the
blankets appear perfect but control units are defetive and I cannot
get any help in Dublin to repair units. Can you help me please

Answer: Thank you very much for writing to us and alerting us to
your concerns regarding the quality of the above product. Your
complaint will be duly noted for the future.  The leading
bedding manufacturer Comfy Quilts holds the licence to use the
Silentnight name on their products. Unfortunately we cannot forward
your complaint directly to Comfy Quilts as this would breach the
data protection act. 

However, you can contact Comfy Quilts direct on 0870 766 27 27,
or visit either of their websites,