The foundation of a good night's sleep is the bed on
which you rest. But which mattress is right for?

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It can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task
choosing which mattress is going to help with your morning back
pain, or help prevent your allergies, or support you whilst
pregnant. We all have different requirements and we all come in
different shapes and sizes.

So we're going to say it - size matters. Surprisingly
two people sharing a double mattress have only as much sleeping
space as a baby in a cot. If you and your partner are disturbing
each other then it is time to invest in a bigger bed, one of the
most common sleeping problems is not having enough space.

You might have noticed that mattress names often have
numbers in them, this often tells us how many spring are in a
mattress. The Silentnight 1200 Pocket Deluxe for example,
has 1200 springs in it.

When buying in a new mattress it is better to
purchase a new base also. Your mattress and base work in harmony
with each other, placing a quality mattress on an old base will
stop you from feeling all the amazing benefits.

Seven is the magic number when it comes to your
mattress. That means every seven years it is time to change your
mattress, during this time many beds can deteriorate by as much as

It is important to not forget the important of pillow
talk too. We recommend changing your pillows every two to three
years, pillows play an important part in aligning your shoulders
and spine.

Feeling inspired to look for a
new mattress? We might be able to help…