We've been chatting to @LovedbyParents today
about choosing a bed. On the lookout for a new mattress for a tall
four year old, they asked us which would be most suitable. They
needed help to solve the confusion when looking to purchase a
mattress, as there are many different bed names.

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We pride ourselves here at
Silentnight on providing sleep solutions for the whole family. From
a first cot bed, to a retirement treat. We understand that this
brings with it a vast selection to choose from, but with so many
different shapes and sizes of people, it makes sense to offer
something for everyone.

So, we've put together some useful advice to help you
decide on the best mattress for you. After all, your mattress is
one thing that shouldn't keep you awake at night!

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One of the first hurdles when choosing a mattress is
knowing what the spring count means. As a general rule, the higher
the spring count the firmer the support is.

One of the most common causes of poor quality sleep
is overheating. If you find yourself waking up hot during the night
then Silentnight's Geltex Ultimate range could include the mattress
for you. Our most unique range of beds, Geltex, offers a
combination of unparalleled breathability, perfect pressure relief,
and optimal body support.

Our brand new Miraform beds bring the latest
technology to align the spine and provide superior pressure relief,
available in two different support options.

If you're one of the millions who suffer from
allergies in the UK, then consider choosing a Silentnight mattress
with Purotex technology. Purotex is approved by Allergy UK and
proven to combat dust mite allergies.

@LovedbyParents advice for
your little one

With 'E' turning four, healthy growth is extremely
important. Our Healthy Growth mattresses are designed with
breathable EcoComfort Fibre® fillings to keep children cool and
comfortable at night. As well as giving parents peace of mind that
their child's growing body will get a great night's sleep.

Our healthy growth mattresses include our unique
Miracoil® spring system, developed especially to align a child's
spine as they grow.

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We hope this helps!