It's not often the topic of beds comes up in conversation, but
when it does, people generally find themselves asking 'what makes a
good bed', as Helen Anders of the Statesman recently

There's not much in the way of empirical evidence when it comes to
this question, largely because the answer is axiomatic. One study
that did attempt to provide an answer, a 2006 study by Hyunja Lee
and Sejun Park, concluded after analysing many test subjects that a
comfortable mattress makes a good bed, which is probably what we
were all thinking anyway.

The better question, therefore, is what makes a comfortable
mattress? This is where Mr Lee and Mr Park can offer us a little
more insight. They concluded: "Comfort in a mattress is a complex
phenomenon based upon subjective feeling and physical properties of
the interface between the mattress and human body."

This was interesting, and what immediately sprung to mind (excuse
the pun), were the Miracoil and memory foam mattress collections.
The two mattress collections generally stand apart from their
competitors because they offer a fantastic interface between the
bed and the sleeper. This tailor-made experience really allows
people to connect with their bed, creating physical properties that
are far beyond those of conventional mattresses.

Kenny Vogt, Texas vice president of Louis Shanks, told the
Statesman: "Mattresses have changed.

"Everybody used to say, 'It's got to be firm.' Now it's the
low-pressure sleep surface everyone wants. You want it to adjust to
the contours of your body."

For those who have ever paid any interest to feng shui, they will
be aware that the bed is one of the most important feng shui piece
of furniture in your entire life. There are three things that make
a food feng shui bed.

Firstly you need to have a good headboard. The best feng shui
headboards are made from solid wood, creating good support and
solidarity at the top of the bed. A good mattress ranks as
important, and a good height is also key to getting the right flow
of energy moving through the bed.

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