What is a dream? A dream is a series of
thoughts, images and sensations that tell a story in a person's
mind whilst they sleep. We all have them from time to time, some
more than most and they can enlighten us in many different ways.
Some may be entertaining, fun or romantic; some may be disturbing
or frightening and sometimes, simply bizarre.

 95% of dreams are forgotten by the time a person
gets out of bed but the dreams we do remember can often influence
how we feel when we wake.  Our new study into dreams has
revealed that nearly half of Brits let their dreams affect their
mood the next day. The research found that 47 per cent of people
let good or bad dreams impact how they feel when they wake up.

dreaming 2

Nearly a third of people (28 per cent) admitted to falling out
with their loved one because of how they behaved in a dream. As
well as making or breaking relationships, nearly 60 per cent of
Brits said dreams have helped them to solve a problem, while 37 per
cent admitted that they rely on dreams to help them make decisions
in their waking life.

Our sleep expert, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, explains it is common for
people to wake up feeling out of sorts after a vivid dream.

"A good place to start is to write your dreams down as soon as
you wake up. Keep a diary on your bedside table and write the dream
down before you tell anyone about it. You may not immediately
arrive at the meaning of your dream but the interpretation may come
hours later, for example, while you are daydreaming or exercising."

So don't panic if your dreams are affecting you, you're not
alone. Just remember your dreams are your unconscious wishes,
thoughts and desires. They might just help you resolve something
the following day.