Our second instalment with dream
expert Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, as she lifts the lid on what our
deep slumber dreams actually mean!

In an interview this week in Stylist magazine, dream
expert, Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, told how our most common dreams are
an indication of something that may be troubling us in everyday

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makes your sleeping brain tick!

I believe I can fly?

This dream is all about feeling
'high' on life.

You might be realising your ability
to reach the goals you've set for yourself, breaking free from a
heavy situation that was bringing you down or feeling in control
and accomplished.

This is telling you that you've got
to step up your game because there is no progress in the way you
are currently handling it.

I have a meeting and I'm always

This is a common dream for people
who are always up against deadlines, such as journalists. It is a
means by which to express your constant stress as well as keep
yourself on your toes and on your game. But if you get this dream
and don't have a looming deadline ahead of you, it is likely
connected to your concern that you feel time may be running out in
some other situation, such as reaching a career goal before you
reach a certain age.

Suddenly I can speak french?! But in real
life I never learnt French! 

Achieving something you can't do in
reality is a very common dream. If the task you are accomplishing
in the dream is something you currently want to do in real life,
consider the dream a dress rehearsal. In addition to problem
solving, the act of dreaming also serves as memory consolidation
and allows us to perfect something we are working on in real life.
If the dream is not something you are currently working on in real
life, it is symbolic of that which you want or need to accomplish.
Driving could be about moving on from something, while speaking a
language you can't really speak would be about overcoming a
communication issue in real life.

Interesting fact: Did you know? Professional golfer
Jack Nicklaus perfected his golf swing in his dreams!

My dreams are in the toilet…

Toilets and bathrooms in dreams are
about your ability to cleanse yourself of negativity and
frustration, and to rid yourself of that which you no longer need
in your life or in your psyche. An unusable or flooding toilet is
an indication that you are holding in to an issue that is upsetting

My teeth are falling out…

There are a lot of wives tales
connected to the teeth dream, such as financial burden.

Teeth falling out is the most common
of all the teeth dreams and it tends to happen when we have said
something we wish we could take back. Crumbling or chipping teeth
is usually connected to weak speech and being unable to

In my last dream by best friend died,

This is a horrible dream to
experience but remember, dreams are symbolic: if you look at them
literally you're going to miss the message! Death, to the dreaming
mind, is about change and endings. When you dream of death, ask
yourself first what is changing or ending in your life.The death of
a loved one is about change and endings and if there is a funeral
in the dream, it is a good sign that you are letting go of
something no longer viable to you.

I'm falling from a cliff and there's no
stopping it!

Falling dreams are most often
connected to disappointments and let downs in real life, when
something we had high hopes for instead comes crashing down. This
dream can also happen when something in your life is going rapidly
in the wrong direction, like a relationship or your reputation. The
downward direction is the operative element of this dream. In
dreams, you want to find yourself going up, such as in a plane or
up a staircase, as that reflects progress or


The falling dream is also common in
people who suffer from depression. It can be a heads up from your
inner mind that you are about to "fall" into another bout of

Interesting fact: Did you know? If you get a falling
dream at the onset of sleep and it jerks you awake, that is called
the hypnic jerk. This is not a dream at all but rather a response
to feeling your muscle control fall away as you enter sleep. This
is why we call it 'falling asleep'.

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