Dream expert Lauri Quinn Loewenberg
lifts the lid on what our deep slumber dreams actually


From falling from cliffs to losing all your teeth,
from time to time we all have a disturbing dream. 

In an interview in Stylist magazine
this week, dream expert Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, told how our most
common dreams are an indication of something that may be troubling
us in everyday life. 

Lauri, who also founder of whatyourdreammeans.com, believes our dream
are often a sign of hidden emotions or desires but they can be
cryptic and difficult to decode.

Do you 'slip over or trip' when snoozing? or turn up
in a room naked? Well here is a little step by step guide to what
your dreams may mean…

I keep arriving to an exam

If you get this dream, ask yourself
how you are being tested in real life. Is someone or something
really testing your patience lately? Is it evaluation time at work?
Or are you in the process of interviewing for a new job? Arriving
at an exam that you're unprepared for can mean we really need to
impress for one reason or another. It is encouraging us to be
overly prepared rather than under.

I always trip over when walking…

This dream is often connected to
making a mistake in real life. We even use the term 'slip up' when
we've made a mistake, or we can get 'tripped up' in a conversation
or argument.

Our dreaming mind is showing us it's
just a trip and not a fall: in other words, no biggie. Keep moving

All of a sudden I'm naked in public!

This is one of the most common
dreams. It tends to happen when we are in a waking life situation
where all eyes are on us and we are having anxiety over the
scrutiny. This could be caused by anything from a presentation you
have to give in front of the board room to hosting a dinner party
for your judgmental mother-in-law. The dream could happen before
the event as you stress about what could go wrong, or right after
the event when you are being overly critical of

… But notice how, in these dreams, we tend to be the
only ones freaking out about our nudity and no one else seems to
notice?This is how the dreaming mind tells us to relax about it.
Ultimately, we're making a mountain out of a molehill!

I'm running away as fast as I can but I can
never move properly…

Running away from something is all about avoidance in
real life, whereas running towards something is all about pursuing
a goal. In either case, if you are unable to move properly in a
dream then in real life you aren't making enough effort to handle
the situation.

Who's the mummy?! There's a baby and I'M the

Typically, having a baby in a dream
that isn't your child is really about something new in your life
that requires your focus or attention. The dream lets you know that
this new part of your life requires a lot of nurturing, so it can
continue to grow and develop and eventually create a new life for

If, in the dream, you haven't been
caring for the baby properly, it is most likely because of a sudden
waking life realisation that this new element in your life is
worthy and important and needs more effort on your part.

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