It's thought that you can tell a lot
about a person by the clothes they wear. Well perhaps the same can
be said for our pyjamas. After all we spend a third of our lives in
bed wearing them - or not in some cases. 


Whether you prefer warm and cosy or slinky and
strappy, you'd be surprised to know that your bedtime attire could
reveal more about you as a person than you think! 

Find out what your pyjamas say about your personality


Even when you're sleeping, you can't
settle without knowing everything is matching. You're a
perfectionist in everyday life and enjoy sticking to your night
time routine. Although comfort is important, co-ordination is key
and you like to keep up to date with the fashion

Simple yet

Although you don't like slinky and
strappy sleepwear, you still want to look good. Looking good both
inside and outside of the house is important to you. This could
mean in terms of your personality that you are someone who is
creative and always looking for ways to express yourself. You are a
cheerful person and very out-going as well.


You love being the centre of
attention when it comes to your nightwear and quality is key. This
could mean that you are somewhat flirty as well as rebellious. You
love going out and having a good time and often stay up well past
your bedtime. 

Comfortable and cosy

Being comfortable and cosy are
important factors when it comes to your nightwear and this could
mean that you are someone who enjoys a sense of security. Happiness
is very important to you as well and you consider yourself to be a
person who is sincere, honest and sensitive.


Your free-spirited style means you
choose whatever feels comfortable and matches the mood you are in
for that day. You don't want to spend too much time worrying about
what people aren't going to see. With your hair flowing free you
don't want to feel constrained by long pyjama bottoms and full
length sleeves. 

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