Whether it's a series of images or random events, or
maybe something you were thinking about before you went to sleep,
we wake up every morning wondering what on earth our dreams really
meant. From unlocking memories to getting to grips with unresolved
real life issues, there is no concrete evidence of why we dream of
certain things.

Here are some of the most common dreams that people


Dreaming about snakes can have many
different meanings. If the snake is biting you, it reflects abusive
and hurtful remarks made by you or others. However, if you are
running away from a snake that is chasing you, this can symbolise
someone or something that you are afraid to face. Dreaming about a
specific snake can be very revealing: a boa constrictor can
represent something that is restricting you, a rattle snake may
represent something that is evil in your life and a cobra may
symbolise being hypnotised by someone's charm. 


The common recurring dream of your
teeth falling out is also open to interpretation. It could mean
a  period of change in your life, revealing the anxiety that
you are going through. Another representation is feeling insecure
about something, which goes back to the subconscious memory of
losing our teeth when we were younger. It also could represent the
loss of someone or something. 


Dreams around flying reflect what is
going on in your life at the moment. It could be a transitional
stage; feeling that you can lift off at any moment or suggesting a
happy mood. This is a very positive dream, which will hints at
future luck. 

On the other side of the spectrum, one of the most
frequent dreams that we have is falling. One theory suggests that
this signifies a loss of control over an aspect of your life, or it
can imply that something in your life has been neglected.  

Dreams that we remember are experienced during REM
sleep (one of the five stages of sleep that most people experience
nightly), but why do some people remember every single detail and
others only remember fragments? 

Research suggests that there is an area of the brain
involved in information processing, which can be affected by sleep
deprivation, pregnancy (mad dreams caused by lots of hormones) and
sleep apnoea (more nightmares!). 

Scientists and researchers are still baffled by what
our dreams mean and even in the 21st Century they still haven't
found the reason. There is not one right answer as whatever meaning
you have depends on the dreamer.  

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