Q : We're looking to purchase a Silentnight king size mattress
and have some questions.Question 1: Our preference is for a firm
mattress, so we're considering the Miracoil 3 Ortho Dawn and Ortho
Star mattress. The Ortho Dawn description does not include "no roll
off, no roll together", but does include the icon. Can you confirm
if Ortho Dawn does include "no roll off, no roll together".Question
2 : Between the Ortho Dawn and Ortho Star, which is more firm, or
are they equal?Question 3 : I suffer from mite allergy and would
like to know if any of the PocketZing mattresses are firm. as this
may be a better option. This firmness detail is not in all these
PocketZing mattress descriptions.I've tried to investigate but
unable to clairify above.


A : All our mattress that have the miracoil spring system as
their "engine" offer no roll together - no roll off.The two
mattresses will have a similar feel. The Ortho Dawn is a deeper
mattress at 29cm instead of 27cm. The Ortho Dawn also has handles
which will make turning the mattress easier.The PocketZing
mattresses will not be as firm as the Otho Dawn and Ortho Star.
These mattress fabricshave beentreated with a formula that reduces
the ability for dust mites to survive in that environment.